Buy a fruit and add it to your garden is to give a touch of distinction. You can also benefit from the fragrances of flowers and feel the pleasure of having your own fruit harvest. We propose vineyards, citiricos, almond and pomegranate trees.


The fig tree

It is a very cold-resistant plant. Its fruity and juicy fruits are highly appreciated. This plant is oriented with great ease.



Citrus fruits are the most beneficial for excellence. Always have a citrusy place in our garden. It is advisable to have it near the house, so this more protected and you can feel the soft scent of flowers.


The vineyards

The vineyard being a rustic plant needs a well-drained soil that resists very well to the Sequilla. Its rugged trunk can reach 5m in height, it has a very rapid growth. The variety of Muscat that we will offer for sale, is a very fertile variety and abundant production. Flowering is in March and is cut in October, its fruits are a sugary and very juicy golden clusters. In addition to their fruits vineyards are also appreciated for their aesthetic side.



Shrub or small tree up to 5 m high, more or less prickly, highly branched. Flowers are 3-4 cm in diameter. Light El Granado dwarf needs plenty of light and draft-free indoor air. Outside, a sunny place. Water High in early spring and summer. Contribution fertilizer in spring.