Olive trees

Sun Plantes viveros S.L, works only with cold resistent olive trees such as Picual and Hojiblanca. Our trees are guaranteed to temperatures of – 20º.



Our olive trees are selected one by one in the olive grove nursery. Each tree is selected based on its plant health, its shape and its ramifications.  Our trees are then pruned very severely to ensure attractive resultant shape, put in containers of plastic or iron mesh and spend a year in these containers.


Geographic origin

Our olives are sourced from  mountainous areas whick are subject to strong climatic variations. They experience high daytime heat, nocturnal cold, summer drought, frost and winter snow. These geographical conditions naturally acclimatize our plants and prepare them for any country  and geographic areas different from their original culture.


Ethical origin

Whenever we take a tree from the soil we replace it with a young one to perserve the tree growing area. This is a great opportunity to market them to give them a second life in a privileged place under the admiring eyes of their future owners.

Our young olive trees trunks come from open fields for the ornamental trade.


Aesthetic qualities

The olive tree represents many different and diverse ideals –  joy, loyalty, fertility, peace ,victory … With this and your imagination, it will find it a special place in your garden amongst other species or as the central feature.


General rules

It is very important to keep in mind some rules for planting olive trees. The olive tree needs soil that easily absorbs and eliminates all excess water.  Dig a deep, wide hole, line it with small stones and loosen the soil so that the water is not retained but flows through the roots.



In short, when you buy an olive tree do not forget to:

  • Ask for the variety (that is resistant to cold , snow etc).
  • Ask about the country and region of origin (for general acclimatisation, in addition to its variety).
  • Verify the state of the roots and the time spent in a container.
  • Control phytosanitary condition.