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A nursery specialising in the production of olive and palm trees and ornamantal plants since 2003.

Sun Plantes viveros S.L.
 is a Spanish nursery located at Arneva in the Alicante region of S.E. Spain.

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We primarily work with varieties of olive trees which are resistant to colder climates. Our stock rangs from10 litre size to milleina. In addition we have 20 different varieties of palm trees which are resistant to temperate and cold climates dawn to temperatures of – 2° to – 25 °.
Our other variety of plants wichde dasylerions and yucca, vinos including well established, trellis and mini-trellis, honey figs and the Neopolitan, drop variety, citrus plants, almand, pomegranate and also other ornamantal plants.

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